Where Are You Going to Be?

I’m looking for Eclipse stuff to buy.

Stay tuned. We'll be featuring some of our local merchants offering collectibles and souvenirs.

I’m looking to test my Eclipse IQ.

Also stay tuned. If you don't really know just what the big deal about this Solar Eclipse thing, then this quiz will be for you! Interactive, fun and informative (and a chance to win protective eyewear). Bookmark it and Come back!

Download our “Don’t Miss Out” Eclipse Viewing Hotspots

We put all this into a single PDF!

  • 54 Total Great Places in the Trigg County Area to View The Eclipse
  • Camp sites, Parking Lots, Trails, Along the Lake — Pick your spot
  • List includes available parking spots

Find all the Eclipse-Viewing Hotspots in 1 PDF

Download the Best Eclipse Viewing Spots in Lake Barkley

Tell All Your You’ll Be Burning Your Eyes Out in Cadiz

(then get your free pair of Eclipse viewers)

Staying in Cadiz for Solar Eclipse

375 Years

That’s how long you would need to wait for this phenomenon to occur if you stood in the same place long enough.

And it would be really disappointing if you didn’t pack your mylar Eclipse glasses.

We’re constantly updating our 2017 Solar Eclipse page. We’ll be giving out free pairs of glasses so come on back often.