Hilltop Kash Market & Deli
Hilltop Market Fuel, Deli, Supplies
Hilltop Market Fuel, Deli, Supplies
Fishing Lures and Tackle
Life Jackets
Blowup Pool Floats
Marine RV Antifreeze
Clay Thrower
Sports Gear
Pumpkins and Decor
Wrench and Tool Sets
4682 Canton Rd, Cadiz, KY
(270) 924-5452(270) 924-5452

If WalMart and 7-11 had a baby… and then sent it off to a small western Kentucky town to fend for itself, it would look like Hilltop Market.

Hilltop has a little bit of everything. Shoppers, both out-of-town visitors and locals alike, are constantly marveling at what they are able to conveniently find close to home at Hilltop.

Hilltop also is known for having ethanol free gasoline, deli meat / sandwiches, plus most electrical, plumbing, and hardware needs.

Hilltop Market Fuel, Deli, Supplies 1 year ago
Fishing Lures and Tackle 1 year ago
Life Jackets 1 year ago
Blowup Pool Floats 1 year ago
Cookware 1 year ago
Marine RV Antifreeze 1 year ago
Clay Thrower 1 year ago
Sports Gear 1 year ago
Pumpkins and Decor 1 year ago
Wrench and Tool Sets 1 year ago
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