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We put all this on a single page:

  • Local places to buy champagne, wine, and other beverages
  • Attend tastings, tours, or live music at the local wineries
  • 11 Chick Flicks, more recents and classics
  • Lake Barkley Date Ideas

Download the Couples Romantic Weekend ToolkitDownload Date Ideas and Our Wine Directory Here

Tell All Your Friends About Falling in Love Again in Cadiz

Find a Cabin

…or campsite. That cozy cabin isn’t just a day dream anymore.  Book something rustic, even close to the lake.  Click to head to our directory featuring “Cabins and Camping” and “Vacation Rentals.”  You can live the more pampered life or rough it, either way (just be sure your plan checks out with hers).

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All of Our Places to Stay

You don’t always need something rustic, magical and whimsical (or … you may have just waited too long to book your Valentine’s weekend and everything else was booked).  It’s okay, you can still make some great memories booking one of our area hotels.

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How long’s it been now…?

If you’re a dude, hey, we know how it is. It’s not that you didn’t try before…

Okay, so now that she’s in the other room, c’mon. That last time when you said, “Yeah, Honey, of course, I got this!”  Then what happened?  You didn’t really try, did you?  It’s okay. We’ve created this page to help with all that.

We’ve put some resources here (like our 1-Page Couples Weekend Toolkit) as well as made it easy to get to all the other places from here.

Find a place to stay, scan down our unique shops, find a place to eat… even get some “things to do” ideas by visiting our local events calendar.

The Way to Her Heart

Diamonds aren’t every girl’s best friend—but something unique with some small town personality—say, from one of the downtown shops—will score you some points.  She’ll pick out a new bag, some sassy apparel, or treat her to a little pampering.

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Get Out o’ the House

Not the “lock ourselves in like hermits” type?  Yeah, you should get out at least a little… Our community calendar features live music, things to do for military, car shows, couples dancing, and local restaurant specials.

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No One’s Happy When They’re Hungry

Hear that?  That’s her stomach grumbling. And she’s embarrassed about it and doesn’t want to come out with it and tell you.  For crying out loud, don’t just stand there, go find a place to eat here!

See Where You Can Grab a Bite