Gary's Main Street Pizza

Remember growing up, hittin’ the pizza joint after school… or after the game?

Remember the honest-to-God arcade games that didn’t take 20 minutes of setup time?
(It was just two steps: insert quarter and hit start)

And what about nailing that perfect combo shot at the billiards table, just as the girl you’ve been eyeing for the last month was starring… but she turned her attention away to your best friend, laughing at his lame joke, just as you sunk two balls into the corner pockets?

That’s Gary’s Main Street Pizza.

Well, the arcade games and the pool tables are there (not those memories that you just have to relive those in your head). Now that you’re all grown, Gary’s is a place where you can bring the wife and kids, feed those hungry mouths and teach your children what real video games look like.

gocadiz-pizzatime.jpg 4 years ago
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