Land Between the Lakes

Elk & Bison, Laser Shows, Eagles and Owls —and Your Family Memories

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Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

100 Van Morgan Drive, Cadiz KY 42211 | (800) 525-7077

LBL is the hotspot for nature-loving families and wildlife enthusiasts

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Your adventure-seeking, take-to-the-woods side is calling,
but so are your kids.

Maybe you just have the weekend off. Maybe school’s out and you have a little more freedom. But you’ve been itching to get out of the house, out of town, and into something more exciting. You’ve been looking for a better family excursion, a bigger adventure in the great outdoors.

Land Between the Lakes, at 170,000 acres, is certainly bigger. So is the six-foot wingspan of the American Bald Eagle, a 700-pound bull elk, and a 2,000-pound bison. (Can you believe one of these bison can reach 37mph? No wonder the rule is “Stay inside your car.”)

(Background image) A barn owl you can see right up close—along with many other birds and animals—at Land Between the Lake’s Nature Station

Activity Idea

Why Not Take the Kids On A Safari?

Bring binoculars and a camera, and catch the native herds of elk and bison as they graze in their protected, 700-acre preserve.

It may be turning cold in fall, but it’s the perfect time to catch harems of female elk watch as the bulls wrestle each other for dominance.

The clash of antlers and guttural bugling echoes through the nature preserve, and you watch it all from your car window.

American Bald Eagles in Winter at LBL on Watch Tours

The Woods are Open, Even in the Winter

Winter is just as good—perhaps better—considering the woods are more open.  Without those leaves on every limb, you’ll simply be able to see more of the hulking bodies of elk and bison as they graze the forest floor for nuts leftover from fall.

Here’s another great experience: Take a Winter tour of the lake by van or boat and look for the bald eagle, whose numbers have climbed greatly since being reintroduced to the park.

You’re likely to fill entire memory cards getting perfect photo after perfect photo. You’ll not be disappointed with your birding adventure.

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Come Spring and Summer...

…enjoy the gentle sight of elk calves with their mothers, young bulls with fresh velvet on their antlers, and bulls grazing in solitude.

From midsummer to early fall, you’re likely to catch more entertainment from the usually sedentary bison—the rutting season causes the bulls to fight and wallow. A spectacle to be sure, but also a dangerous time to ignore park warnings.

But whatever you do, do not approach the animals. Love does crazy things to a big game animal in rut.

Think this buck is from some National Geographic stock image collection? Guess again. This guy was out and about at Land Between the Lake’s Elk and Bison Prairie.

If you're not having much luck...

catching these animals in their protected habitats, there’s no shame in heading over to the Nature Station at Land Between the Lakes.

This is One Classroom The Kids Will Love

With 8,500 acres of classroom, the naturalists at the nature station can give you tips on the best locations to go animal viewing or set you up with one of their excellent tours.

Or, if you’re enticed by the beautiful facilities, you can stay for a whole day and enjoy up close visits with hawks, eagles, snakes, and bobcats.

People gathering at the Nature Station for Presentation

Kids, Moms, Dads, Grandpas and Grannies all gather ’round to watch one of the Vultures at the Nature Station feed on some raw chicken. Mmm.

Homeplace 1850

So what happened after Colonial Williamsburg?

1850s Homeplace Homes
Homepage 1850 walk the fields
1850s Homeplace Spinning Wheel and Cabin Interior

These images include scenes you can witness for yourself when you go back in time to the days of our nation’s early settlers at Homeplace 1850s.

Colonial Williamsburg is probably the most popular historical attraction in the nation. But after all the civilization and refinement of the Eastern US… then what?

Well, people moved west! You might too if you were promised a big ol’ plot of land! Homeplace 1850s is that pre-Civil-War-frontier period that was about hard work and turning solid forest into your family’s sustainable home.

Plant Your Own Crops & Shear Your Own Sheep

When you visit the fully operational homestead site, you’ll get the opportunity to plant crops, shear sheep, and learn plenty of practical skills from the 19th century.

Kids can mold clay into a mug, make a few of those classic wooden toys, and even play long lost traditional field games with the other kids. There’s hogs, log cabins, draft animals, and a part of yourself you never knew existed just waiting at Homeplace 1850.

So for…

Head to Land Between the Lakes!

While on the Elk and Bison Prairie at LBL, this elk looked at the camera just long enough for a great photo

Hummingbirds densely populate this area each year. The Humming Bird Festival always draws in many visitors get up and close to these mysterious and resilient little animals.

If wisdom comes with age, this little guy is the solution to all life's toughest questions. He's been at the Land Between the Lakes Nature Station for most of his 30 year life span

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

100 Van Morgan Drive, Cadiz KY 42211 | (800) 525-7077