Off roading around Lake Barkley, at Turkey Bay is perfect for…

Seasoned Riders

Motor Soloists, couples riders or the motor head family of trail shredders!  Jeeps, side-by-sides, Motocrossers, trailer it, bring it.


Young riders in both age or experience, can learn the ropes with the Turkey Trot and the clearly-marked beginner trails.

Weekend Dirt Lovers

Yeah, there’s the Moab or Shiloh Ridge… but Turkey Bay still gives those destinations of run for their money—and is right here.

Season Pass Rider, Mike Walker

“Even if there’s a ton of people there on a busy holiday, [there’s so much track] you can still get away and off on your own.  …And every inch of this place is scenic ! You’re never more than a hill away from looking at a gorgeous view of the lake.”

−Mike Walker, Turkey Bay 4Wheeling Season Pass Rider

Turkey Bay OHV Park

80 Turkey Creek Road Golden Pond, KY  |  Over 100 Miles of Dirt Track   |  (270) 924-2233  

Ready to ride? Are you up for the challenge?

Check it out:

  • Jeeps, Dune buggies, Dirt Bikes, 4Wheelers, side-by-sides… bring ’em
  • Well-maintained trails
  • Camping areas
  • Lake beach recreation area
  • Great cell service to boot!
  • Trails with so many exits, there’s no fear in “getting stuck” with something you aren’t ready for.

Download the Turkey Bay Off Road Park Trail MapLead the Way When you Download the Trail Map Right Here

ATV Parked by Lake Barkley on off road trail

Off Roading at Land Between the Lakes

All types of vehicles are welcome.  Ride hundreds of miles of trails each with difficulty levels, clearly marked (Blue, Red, Yellow).

And don’t worry about that “point-of-no-return” feeling with getting on a trail that’s a little beyond your skill level (or appetite for danger).  Even the blue trails (most difficult) feature “on’s and off’s” so you never feel like you’re taking something you’re not ready for.

Ride Solo. Ride With Friends. Just Ride

Riders who have already discovered Turkey Bay all agree, this is a prime destination for off-roading.
Motor heads come with friends, go solo, or bring along the whole family for a weekend of treacherous trail thrashing fun (in case there was any concern, there are trails for all levels and ages of riders).

Off Road Rider POV Gallery (Part I)

Tell All Your Friends About Riding Turkey Bay

Miles of Dirt Trails—and Camping?

“It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Ride from daylight through dusk. Book a camp site to get a good night’s sleep for another day of riding.

Remember those old commercials? … the “It doesn’t get any better than this” ones? That’s what a day at Turkey Bay can feel like.

How great is it to sit with family and friends in the evening, enjoy a camp-side meal and watch the sun go down?

beginner 4wheeler rider

You Could Get A Sitter…

Or just bring the kiddos.  You know they’d love it.

If you’re the mud-lovin’ couple, there’s no need to find a sitter for the kids. Turkey Bay’s “Turkey Trot” is a half-mile trail just for the younger riders.

Safety First

Safety is a priority, and the Park prides itself on maintenance of its trails, and preservation of the area.  There are numerous “cut-offs” to avoid unexpected difficulties and if an emergency occurs, help is always available with a Ranger Station on site and patrolling Rangers who can give immediate response to a vehicle or person.

If you’re off-roading on a 4Wheeler or Dirt Bike—for safety reasons—helmets are mandatory. (our advice: invest is a good one; don’t slack when it comes to protecting your noggin)

Off Road Rider POV Gallery (Part II)

What else? Beaches, Fishing, and Nature Photography.

Relaxation is an added bonus at Turkey Bay.

When you want to take a break from riding there are beaches for swimming and quiet coves to fish.

And for all you “photographer buffs”, deer, turkey, fox and all forms of wildlife roam the area.

Because don’t you ever pretend you’re a professional photographer on assignment for National Geographic? and you’re out in the wilderness? … steadying up for that perfect shot? … oh you don’t? It’s okay if you do. We’re just saying Turkey Bay is great to pack your gear (in a good protective bag) and capture those brag-worthy shots.

Turkey Bay, on the Map

So for…

  • The hardcore dirt warriors that need to shred a trail just to feel whole again
  • Those building skills and confidence in their off roading abilities
  • and those weekend riders that are looking to both hit the trail and connect with nature

Trailer up, and get your motor runnin’ here to Turkey Bay.

For its versatility of terrain, its more than 100 miles of track and its reasonable rates, especially for a season pass,
make Turkey Bay a destination the next time you haul those ATVs.


Turkey Bay OHV Park

80 Turkey Creek Road Golden Pond, KY  |  Over 100 Miles of Dirt Track   |  (270) 924-2233