Prizer Point

Where Huge Reunions Meet Up, Families Unwind, and Locals Play

Prizer Point is The Hot Spot for…


Large extended families that have found themselves spread all over the country… with so many things for both adults and kids of all ages to do, there’s no good excuse to put off another REUNION!


Nature-Lover Family Vacationers that love to camp, boat, ski, hike, swim and hit the sack exhausted… it’s a VACATION everyone will remember forever.


Locals with Kids & Teens looking for SOMETHING TO DO spend many hot summer days (and school weekends) hanging by the pools, jumping in the lake or jumping on the huge yellow pillow.

With all the different Facilities, Amenities and Activities at Prizer Point, there’s something for everyone.

Check it out:

Prizer Point Marina and Resort

1777 Prizer Point Rd   |   Cadiz, KY 42211   |   (270) 522-3762   |   Reserve (800) 562-3701

Vacations for Families. Kids Have a Blast without screen-time

Prizer focuses on family fun and convenience.  It doesn’t matter if your family is a just a few or a massive group, the facilities, amenities and activities at Prizer give both adults and kids space to enjoy a great vacation. Adults can hang out, chill, and recharge.  Kids can jump, paddle, swim. If you decide to take a day trip away from Prizer, you’ll look forward to returning to base camp in the evenings for a family dinner on the Lake.
Kids jumping on Prizer's huge jumping pillow

Family Reunions that Need a Great Location with Plenty of Kid-Busy Activities

Reunions used to be at a someone’s home, but everyone’s so spread out they stopped making the long drive. If you could all just meet at a central location—a place big enough all four generations (even five?)— somewhere that felt like a second home, then reunions wouldn’t have to be a thing of the past.

Got A “Family” of More than 30? Park ‘em Right Here at Prizera place with seemingly endless amenities and activities for young and old.   Prizer Point built its Family Recreation Center, aligning itself with its mission to keep its focus on family fun and convenience.

So go ahead and check off nearly every item on the family planner’s must-haves list—including kid-activities—and just focus on your family getting excellent catch-up time in while you’re all in one place!

All-Weather Pool with Glass Enclosure
Just think: you could actually enjoy your reunion, you can to throw out the itemized checklist… you never have to create one in the first place… Let the staff at Prizer take care of everything. Better still, you could do it all with your feet propped up on the railing of a rented pontoon boat.

Let Your Friends Know About
Lake Barkley State Resort Park

Prizer Point Amenities and Accommodations

Also a KOA Destination

As a Kampgrounds of America destination (KOA), Prizer Point offers traditional KOA cabinssuites, and forts, as well as bungalowstreehousescondos, and houseboats. Maybe you have camping cousins who’d prefer a primitive campsite, or in-laws with a pop-up or full-size RV, and Prizer definitely has the perfect spots for them.
Prizer is a KOA Destination

And as the go-to family planner, you’ll look forward to…

…not having to plan anything.  You can let the kids run out of the cabin and scream at the top of their lungs as they fly across the huge bounce-pillow, or you can decide on a whim to take a kayak out on the water. That’s how low-key things are around here… feel like taking a stab at balancing yourself on a SUP (standup paddleboard)?
Then just head on over to the marina/restaurant area, pick one up and drop it in.  Don’t forget the long paddle. You can even challenge your spouse to see who can make the bigger splash from the top of the floating iceberg, or enjoy a family dinner at The Pier while overlooking Lake Barkley.

The staff at Prizer are experts in handling large gatherings

…maybe there is a regional conference, or an office or church retreat to organize? Feel confident in “leaving it all to Prizer” to make your event stress-free for you and fun for all.

Calling all Locals Looking for Stuff to Do

Everyone likes to “get away“, even for a day…… no need to choose just one activity.  Prizer has something for everyone and all in one place. Locals looking to Get Out for the Day Drop In Anytime with a Season Pass. All. Summer. Long. (And even into the Fall school season!)

Calling all Bored Teens with Nuthin’ to do

Pop Quiz: Fish are to Lake Barkley as ______ are to the Pool? Ok, so there are several right answers… KidsLoose Change… But how ’bout teens? ‘Thing about Prizer is it’s not just for the little kids and our treasured summer family travelers. Many Cadizians and surrounding counties book their Prizer season pass and come all summer long.  Teens love to hang out at the pool (sunblock, young ladies… sunblock please).

Leave Happy… but Not Hungry

Stay for an evening meal at The Pier Family Restaurant, and watch the sun go down on lake horizon.
Just see the entire menu for yourself!
With some of the best burgers for miles, The Pier’s famous fried pickles, and other American favorites, you owe it to yourself to put off one more meal to prepare—and to enjoy each other around the table. We can’t stop your kids from fighting over their share of the fries though.  Good luck with that.

Remember, when you’re here…

…there are no bills or commitments to worry about… you won’t even need to worry with waiting in long lines in the hot sun or losing track of half your family (Nothing like: “said to meet back at the fountain at 4. Where have you guys been?).

Just kick back and enjoy getting to know those people see everyday yet miss so much (ahem: your spouse and kids) all over again.

So for…
  • Grandma’s everywhere, desperate to get the entire extended family together before they grow up
  • And Family Vacationers
  • and even Cadizians and Locals
Make your unforgettable memories at Prizer.

Prizer Point Marina and Resort

1777 Prizer Point Rd   |   Cadiz, KY 42211   |   (270) 522-3762   |   Reserve (800) 562-3701